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    Часовой конный тур в Душети


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    Подробное описание:
    • Route difficulty: easy
    • Trail length: 10 KM
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • The tour is available for a year

    The Dusheti area offers horseback riding tours for riders of all levels of experience.

    For horse riding enthusiasts in the surrounding small town of Dusheti, this exceptional tour delivers an unforgettable experience.

    A car will pick you up at your Tbilisi location, and take you to the ranch in Dusheti, where you will be welcomed by friendly staff and qualified guides who will oversee your exciting and safe tour through the breathtaking scenery.

    The riding path is situated in open fields and forest massif covered in huge trees, and you'll be in the magnificent scenery. You get the unforgettable impressions and have possibility to share your feelings and emotions with horses, and then our driver will take you back to your address.

    You can place a lunch order at the ranch's cafe following the tour.

    Price of a horseback riding tour:

    • 70 GEL per person only horse riding
    • 190 GEL per person ride with transfer
    • 130 GEL per person ride with transfer for 2 persons in a group
    • 110 GEL per person ride with transfer for 3 persons in a group
    • 100 GEL per person ride with transfer for 4 persons in a group

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