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    2 hours horse riding tour in Borjomi


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    Detailed description:
    • Route difficulty: easy
    • Trail length: 5 KM
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Price includes: Guide service and Horses
    • Price does not include: Hotel in Tbilisi, Transportation and Meal
    • The tour is available during the year

    Horse riding tour for all level of riders in Borjomi.

    Borjomi tours are distinguished by their variety, unique historical monuments, picturesque nature and beautiful views.
    The mixed woodland massifs are ideal for horse enthusiasts who like to ride and have adventures while exploring new places.

    You will have the opportunity to organize an interesting journey to see the historical location "Gogichaant Settlement" during the 2 hour tour of Borjomi. This location is a cultural heritage site that dates back to the XVII-XVIII centuries. On the village is an old stone clock that used to use the angle of the sun's light and shadow to tell the time to the locals.

    Another historical place that you will visit during this tour is St. George's Church. The church is surrounded by a forest and trees have grown on its walls, although it has preserved its original form and entrance door.

    Price of a horseback riding tour:

    • 120 GEL per person only horse riding
    • 320 GEL per person ride with transfer for 2 persons in a group
    • 260 GEL per person ride with transfer for 3 persons in a group
    • 230 GEL per person ride with transfer for 4 persons in a group

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