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    1-Day Horse Riding Tour on Truso Valley


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    Detailed description:
    • Route difficulty: easy
    • Trail length: 20 KM
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Tour duration: 9 hours 
    • Riding Time: 4 hours
    • Time schedule: Start from Tbilisi at 7 am, 8 am, 9 am and 10 am
    • The price includes: Guide, and Horses.
    • Price does not include: Meal
    • The optimal time to go on a tour is between 01 March - 30 November

    Horse riding tour for all levels of riders in Kazbegi, Truso Valley.

    Tour starts in Tbilisi. Transfer in the village Kobi. From the village Kobi, we continue to tour by horse. The trail leads to Truso Valley, which is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and middle age towers. We'll take a break beside the Travertine slope and sparkling lake, and have lunch.

    After seeing the beauty of Truso Valley, with its unique nature and landscape we'll continue our journey back in the direction of village Kobi. Experienced riders will have an opportunity to gallope in the valley.  An experienced and qualified equestrian guides will lead the tour.

    Recommendation - The tour is intended for all levels of riders and those who are physically prepared.

    Price of a horseback riding tour:

    • 200 GEL per person only horse riding
    • 350 GEL per person ride with transfer for 2 persons in a group
    • 300 GEL per person ride with transfer for 3 persons in a group
    • 275 GEL per person ride with transfer for 4 persons in a group