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News  - 2022-12-18
The winners of the Visa and Business Federation "Women for the Future" competition are known

1st place - • Horse riding tours

The co-founder of the company is Ana Nadiradze. The entrepreneur created an equestrian platform in 2021, which is connected with the introduction of the innovation component in tourism. Horsetours gives ranches and equestrian guides the opportunity to digitize their services while also giving customers the option of booking and paying online. Anyone interested in the route can thoroughly research it using the platform's virtual tour.

II place - BiserNati / Bisernati

Natia Bedenashvili is the founder of the brand "Bisernati", a producer of natural and semi-natural handmade accessories. The startup was founded in 2020 and constantly offers customers diverse and individually designed products."

Writes Business Federation - Women for the future.