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News  - 2022-04-19 was awarded a GITA grant of $30,000, the winning project, is an equestrian tourism platform that brings together horse tours, equestrian guides, and ranches in one platform, making it simple for users to discover and book the right equestrian tour. Additionally, it enables small enterprises operating in the aforementioned industry to increase sales and accessibility of their products.

" represents a creative strategy for the development of a unique tourist product and the start of a new phase for the growth of equestrian tourism in Georgia. The initiative will stand out for its focus and narrowness in one specific direction. This approach will create great comfort for the user because he won't have to search for a horseback riding tour among many fields. Additionally, concentrating only on one direction will enable us to provide the consumer with more high-quality, engaging, and distinctive experiences. In terms of the triumph, the team notes that participation in the regional small grants program of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency was crucial for promoting the digitalization of equestrian tourism and for achieving the stated targets in a lot less time.

In terms of future plans, as Kakheti is the project's pilot zone, first attention will be given to digitizing this area. The founders assert that using all of Georgia is the ultimate objective.

"Georgia's topography makes it possible to travel the entire country by horse. As a result, we are able to continuously provide our clients with tours that are jam-packed with exciting new experiences. According to European standards, we would like to encourage the industry's maximum degree of digitization and the integration of services through the application of cutting-edge technologies. The greatest locations in the Kakheti area for equestrian tourism include the Vashlovani Protected Areas, Lagodekhi National Park, Tusheti Protected Areas, Pankisi Gorge, Akhmeta, and Sighnaghi Municipalities. Local riders, horsemen, ranchers, small and large hotels, caterers, and drivers would all gain greatly economically once they are used to their full capacity, which will increase the number of individuals trying to make additional money by using new services and amenities, according to the founders.