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    The path from the pass leads to the ridge. When you gallop a horse on a mountain ridge and look at the whole Tusheti from above, you become a part of pristine nature, where you want to return many mor...

    2022-04-19 horsetours.ge
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    The beautiful views from the pass unfolded on both sides. After taking memorable photos, we started the descent, and 3 hours after we arrived at the campsite. 

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    The trail follows a forested ridge and rises 1300 meters above the starting point. Some sections of the trail were covered with thornbushes, making it difficult for horses to cross, so we had to clean...

    2022-04-19 horsetours.ge
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    Horses do not really utter words, but with their distinctive body language, it is very easy to speak to them.

    2021-12-23 horsetours.ge
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    A horse is a pet it originated from a wild horse. Under the influence of food extraction and defense conditions from the enemy, the horse developed the ability to run fast.

    2021-12-21 horsetours.ge
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    The history of the horse starts 60 million years ago in the territory of North America.

    2021-12-16 horsetours.ge